Purchase a flexpass and gain daily access to any of our 3 training spaces for practice.


ARENA :  Professional weekly agility courses set on dirt and AAC approved equipment.

STUDIO : Rubber matting, mirrors, short tunnel and 1 jump for Rally, Basic Obedience, Scent, Tricks,

OUTDOOR TURF ARENA :  A great space for all training when the weather is warm!

Before and after a session feel free to enjoy our surrounding park or take the dogs for a 1/2 mile hike down to the pond.

Benefits of a Monthly Membership

  • Consistent practice builds a stronger team.
  • Year round practice improves conditioning and reduces injuries.
  • Designated 5,600 sq’ training ring with a limited number of dogs per time slot
  • Consistent, premium dirt footing for great traction in the arena
  • AAC approved Agility Equipment.
  • Clean warm studio with athletic rubber flooring.
  • Great access hours for busy schedules.
  • Convenient on line booking for training times.
  • Excellent climate control with a constant temperature.

$136.50 monthly includes gst

*Applicants must have basic competency in their sport and practice  proper dog  handling etiquette.