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Caninesteins Dog Training

Heather Edgar is the owner of Caninesteins Dog Training.

After nine years as an Intensive Care nurse and Equestrian, she made the switch to dog sports. Initially training in rally obedience, agility and herding, her hobby became a passion, and eventually, a profession.

Heather’s educational background includes Kay Laurence’s two year trainers course, the animal trainers course at Shedd Aquarium with Ken Ramirez, and Dr. Susan Friedman’s applied behaviour analysis course.  She teaches behaviours with care, precision, and enthusiasm, ensuring that training is a positive, fun experience for dogs and their people.
Heather has titled three dogs in Rally-O, winning multiple High in Trial awards and perfect scores. She trains, competes, or dabbles in sports from agility to barn hunt, but rally remains her first love.

Heather is passionate about continuing education, attending conferences and seminars throughout North America, as well as local and online classes with her Australian Shepherd, Will.

We believe training should be respectful, safe, and FUN for everyone involved.  We use a mark and reward training system known as clicker training to teach dogs what we'd like them To Do, and reinforce those behaviours with treats, play or praise.  This results in reliable behaviours, and a dog who's enthusiastic to work with us.  This method is more effective and precise than methods that suppress undesired behaviour through punishmentand is a lot more fun.

We don't use prong, choke, or electronic collars that cause discomfort.  If you're currently using those tools and are interested in learning a different way to train, we're here to help, not judge.

Our passion for continuing education, and competing in dog sports, means we are always testing and improving our skills.  We keep up with training advances from top trainers and behaviourists throughout the world and pass that knowledge and skill on to you.